Bonding Network Interfaces

1) Configure the bonding kernel module to load on startup.
This step is unnecessary if your version of initscripts is newer than September 2003
Check the version with 'rpm -qi initscripts' or 'dpkg -s initscripts' 


2) Configure the bond0 interface.

For detailed BONDING_OPTS configuration options see Specific Kernel Module Capabilities
GATEWAY=x.x.x.x can be replaced with PREFIX=x if you wish to use CIDR notation


3) Configure the physical interfaces. Replace any existing file contents.


5) Restart networking and check bond0.


6) Check the status of bond0.


Sample LACP Setup
The example below uses the same config as above except for the BONDING_OPTS.


Example Cisco switch config:

See Cisco LACP Command Reference for more info on switch config.