Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Key Combo Action Taken
Ctrl+Shift+N Create a new folder in Explorer or on the desktop
Shift+Right Click Extended Send To context menu
Shift+Left Click a Taskbar Icon Open a new instance
Ctrl+Shift+Left Click a Taskbar Icon Open a new instance as admin
Ctrl+Shift+Esc Task manager
Alt+Space Open title bar menu
Shift+Right Click a Taskbar icon Open title bar menu
Alt+Tab Cycle open windows
Shift+Alt+Tab Reverse cycle open windows
Alt+Esc Cycle taskbar buttons
Shift+Alt+Esc Reverse cycle taskbar buttons
Ctrl+Esc Open Start Menu
Shift+F10 Open context menu of highlighted item or at cursor position
Ctrl+Scroll Wheel On the desktop: Change icon size \\ In browser: Zoom page
Win+D Toggle minimize all windows on all displays
Win+M Minimize all windows on current display
Win+Shift+M Restore all windows on current display
Win+Home Minimize all windows except for the active one on the current display
Win+Space Show desktop
Win+Up/Down/Left/Right Aero snap
Win+Shift+Left/Right Move active window to a different display
Win+T Cycle taskbar icons
Win+B Focus on Systray
Win+P Projector settings
Win+1..9 Open taskbar icons
Win+Pause System properties
Win+Tab Aero Flip
Win+Shift+Tab Reverse Aero Flip
Win+E Open explorer
Win+F Open Search dialog
Win+R Open Run dialog
Win+L Lock workstation
Win+X Open Mobility Center