Enabling SNMP on ESXi 6

Simple set of commands to enable SNMP on ESXi 6.x

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Enable clipboard on an ESXi VM

This allows you to copy and paste text to/from your client and the guest VM. This is disabled by default and has to be done on each virtual machine. Add the following two entries to the advanced VM config while the guest is powered off: Key Value isolation.tools.copy.disable FALSE isolation.tools.paste.disable FALSE

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Install HP Drivers and Utils on ESXi 6

If you install ESXi on a HP server using the VMware ISO instead of the custom HP ISO you’ll need to manually install the HP Utility and Driver VIB’s. Save and execute this Python script in the ESXi shell to automatically download and install these VIB’s. MAKE SURE YOU’RE IN MAINTENANCE MODE BEFORE EXECUTING


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